Monday, February 17, 2014

Ready for the Quilting

Does it take you forever to decide on borders for a quilt?  This was the first fabric that I thought I'd have enough of to do the borders. Usually by the time to put the borders on I am in a big hurry to move onto the next project.  If I had plans on keeping this quilt, I might of spent more time on  border selection
I did take ot a little time to make a tiny
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block to use as a label.  I'm linking up with Judy at for Design Wall Monday.


  1. Love this Scrappy Trips quilt-- great colors!

  2. I like your choice of border fabric: the gold makes the light fabrics in the centre sparkle.

  3. This is an awesom scrap quilt. I love that you use the dark center squares for each block. Scrappy quilts are where it's at. Nice going.